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[Male VA Needed] Wanna voice the main character in Project Stardocks?

This casting call is a collaboration between Canaria (Indie Voice Acting Agency) and the indie developers working on the game. We're not part of the game dev team. Our goal is just help with the VA process.

What can you tell me about the game? 

The theme of the game is Slice of Life, in this case, of a stardock worker (the player). These checkpoints in space are far and few in between in the distant future. Humans are now spread thinly among the stars. 

This game tells the story of the people, human or not, met along the way and their struggles/life in pace.

The game is currently in its prototype phase so each character only has a few lines.

Will I get paid?

Yes, the role is paid upon delivery of the lines.  More details in the roles.

Expectations once cast:

Once cast, and once the script is finalized (which is very soon), we'll provide you with a link to the script with explanation of when the character will be saying those lines for context.

We need to make sure to be respectful of your time, as well as the developers', so please make sure to follow the deadlines once cast. If you can't, you'll need to inform us as soon as possible to plan accordingly.

The expected turnaround time is currently 14 days (since the lines are very short and few).

Things to note before auditioning:

1. Please make sure to check the description and the reference for each character. As all characters are original, we don't expect you to match the references 100%, but they are a great guidance for what the developer team is looking for.

2. Please use a clean, clear recording with as little noise as possible as that's an example of the quality you're going to be using in the actual recordings.

3. No cell phone or laptop microphones, please.

How do I apply then? Where can I see the roles?

All auditions are going through Casting Call Club:

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