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THE CANARIA CHALLENGE: Advance your career 10-minutes at a time

You might be wondering: What in the world is this? Well, sit back, relax and let's talk about magic and your career. Have you ever tried to learn a new language? or play an instrument? or really any new skill? I bet you have.

The Process

The process usually goes as follows:

Step 1: I can rule the world

I'm excited and ready to take on as much as I can to learn this new skill. Usually around that time I'll consider marathoning tips and tricks. I'm unstoppable! I'll get everything done!

Step 2: Oh, I guess I have life.

Oh ... I guess I can't spend that much time every single day. I'll focus on those other 'adulting' things I need to do today and then I'll get back on track tomorrow.

Step 3: Man, I really don't have time.

This week/month/year has been crazy. I don't really have much time anymore. I'll try to do something but don't know when I can find the time. I'll try to make time! But ... what about everything else I need to do?

Step 4: Can I really do this? Maybe it's not meant to be.

I try to make progress whenever I can but I simply don't see much return. Is this worth it? Maybe I'm not good enough. What else can I do to grow? I feel like I'm stuck.

Sounds familiar?

"Well, but what can I do about it?" you ask.

The Actual Problem

The main problem that most of us face is not that we don't have much time. It's that we don't have continuous progress.

We make some progress, then stop completely. We lose momentum which makes it hard to get back on track. And before we know it, it's been month since we've last made any progress.

So, with this challenge, we want to do things a little differently.

The Compound Effect

Have you heard of the Compound Effect?

It's something you probably already know but sometimes it's hard to remember.

The term itself seems to have been coined by Darren Hardy (publisher of SUCCESS magazine). Darren defines the Compound Effect this way:

“It’s the principle of reaping huge rewards from a series of small, smart choices. Success is earned in the moment to moment decisions that in themselves make no visible difference whatsoever, but the accumulated compounding effect is profound.”

If you want to save money so you can enjoy your retirement, consider the compounding effect of spending $4 a day on coffee. If you choose to invest $4 a day at 8% interest rather than spending it on a cup of coffee it would result in $51,833.79 in 20 years. The same result could also be reached by making your own lunches rather than eating out. Do both and you will have saved an extra $100,000. (This excerpt is from:

A great short video that explains this is 7-minute video by Productivity Game:

TL;DR: Instead of waiting to block out an hour to work on your VA career (or really any other career), how about we promise to work on our career for 10 minutes each day?

Only 10 minutes?

But what can you do in 10 minutes?


  1. Audition for a role

  2. Edit a recording

  3. Practice for a role type

  4. Watch a tutorial

  5. Listen to part of a podcast

  6. Network with other voice talent.

One thing. One task a day will result in a HUGE difference.

But what if I want to do more?

You definitely can!!! 10-minutes is just the minimum for those days when you feel like you can do nothing.

But what if I skip a day? What if I fail?

Look for the thoughts/emotions/prompts that caused you to not even do those 10-minutes. Acknowledge them. Write them down. Tell others and find accountability.

But most importantly: Get back on the horse! Promise to restart the challenge today!

We want to challenge all of you to sign up and let's try to do this together. Every day we'll ask you what you did towards the #CanariaChallenge on Twitter.

Let's celebrate small victories and then celebrate the big victories at the end of the week/month/year.

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