You're working on an epic new project

As a content creator, you've been working on bringing your dream project to life. The next step on your to-do list is finding great voice talent, music and sound effects to take everything to the next step. 

At affordable prices, of course.

This is where we come in!

Our Process:


We host, manage and promote casting calls on your behalf to reach the right talent everywhere.


Voice Actors and Actresses audition for your roles, but what happens when they don't get it? We provide feedback to all applicants to make sure everyone knows you value their time.


With experience managing and directing recordings for games, films, commercials and more, we can give the voice actors the feedback they need (live or offline) to make sure they deliver perfectly.


We deliver recommendation letters to your cast to make sure they know they're appreciated for their time working with you.

Of course, all at very affordable prices. 

For one of the games we collaborated on:

  • The project features 13 voice actors and actresses from all over the world. Each of them was not only professional but a true rock star.

  • The Casting Calls for the project received over 550 auditions. Our studio went through all the auditions providing the top to the studio to pick from and save their time.

  • We offered feedback to all those who auditioned. We believe that feedback is one of the best ways we can give back to the voice acting community.

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We have a team of 160+ professionals from all over the world (including people who've worked for Disney and Warner Bros) who are excited to help everyone. 

Our Services Include:


Audio Direction

Voice Direction

Voice Over

Voice Acting


Music Composing

Audio Engineering and Design

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