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And we want to help get your voice out there. 

That being said, we know that to maximize the impact of your brilliant voice acting talent, you have unique needs.

No Exclusivity. No Upfront Fees. More Roles.


We are a voice and audio talent agency. Our main goal is to get your voices out there. Be it through our projects or through others'.

And of course, we don't ask for your exclusivity or any upfront fees from you.

We do not take a percentage from your fees. We have upfront casting fees that we request from our clients that makes things easier on them and you. 

You can continue to audition and work with other studios. You can choose to not apply for a certain role or choose to turn down an offer we recommend you for.

And of course, you can choose to be removed from our list at any time.

In addition to the above, when you sign up for Canaria, you get:

Sounds Great. Where do I sign up?

We're currently not accepting voice talent as we'd like to focus on growing our current VOs.

Follow us here or on Twitter to hear about our next open enrollment period!

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