And we want to help get your voice out there. 

That being said, we know that to maximize the impact of your brilliant voice acting talent, you have unique needs.

No Exclusivity. No Upfront Fees. More Roles.


We are an indie voice and audio talent agency. Our main goal is to get your voices out there. Be it through our projects or through others'.

And of course, we don't ask for your exclusivity or any upfront fees from you.

We do not take a percentage from your fees. We have upfront direction fees that we request of our clients that makes things easier on them and you. 

You can continue to audition and work with other studios. You can choose to not apply for a certain role or choose to turn down an offer we recommend you for.

And of course, you can choose to be removed from our list at any time.

In addition to the above, when you sign up for Canaria, you get:

VIP List

Every week, we're in discussions with gaming, animation and film directors about their projects. They range from AAA to indie.

Some of these directors prefer to not wait for casting calls. In that case, we provide them with our VIP List. These are voice actors we've been working with and have done our research about as professional and always on time. That's you.

Casting Calls

You're the first to know when we start a new casting call with our clients. 

Never miss another opportunity!

That's not all, however. We always provide you with a signed recommendation letter at the end of each project. In addition to either having the client give you a shout-out or we do. 

We mean it, when we say we want to show you off!


We've been providing our voice actors with notifications about opportunities that have nothing to do with Canaria but seem to be great for their voices.

In the near future (like ... within the week), we'll be turning those into newsletters that you can check in your inbox for your convenience. 

Again! Never miss another opportunity.

More To Come

We're also in the process of adding a few benefits such as:

  • Limited Live Direction Slots

  • Demo Reel and Audition Feedback (even when they're not related to our casting calls).

  • Shoutouts on Social Media and Youtube.

  • More to come.

Sounds Great. Where do I sign up?

You can take this survey:

Or take the survey below!

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