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Proudly Announcing Masked Memory

Over the last few months, we've been heavily involved with Kenz Studio, an indie gaming studio, on their first title, Masked Memory.

Masked Memory is a full-length text-based adventure featuring 100% voice acting and an original soundtrack created by an amazing music company called 'Our Idea'. It's currently targeting a release on PC and Xbox One.

Canaria, of course, managed the voice acting casting and direction process in collaboration with the Kenz Studio director.

The project features 13 voice actors and actresses from all over the world. Each of them was not only professional but a true rock star.

The Casting Calls for the project received over 550 auditions. Our studio went through all the auditions providing the top to Kenz Studio to pick their favorites. In addition to that, we offered feedback to all those who auditioned. We believe that feedback is one of the best ways we can give back to the voice acting community.

We wanted to give shoutouts to the awesome cast of Masked Memory:

Matt Armstrong (Narrator)

Blythe Melin (Masked Person and Officer #2)

Kimberly Ismael (Natasha)

Minh Ton (Jackie)

Uoza (Mentor)

Stephen Cumberworth (Vampire and Doctor)

Abigail Turner (Female Lover, Receptionist and Nurse)

Caleb Hackler (Male Lover)

Joshua Waters (Stuart)

Jenni Harger (Senior Executive Marie)

Christian O'Boyle (Officer #1)

Dracomies (Neighbor)

Razi the Red (Newscaster)

We highly recommend hiring these amazing voice actors and actresses for your next project. If you need help reaching them, please don't hesitate to contact us.

To play the game and learn more about the project, please check out:

Our journey with Kenz is not over. So stay tuned for more information.

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